CiA 445: Device profile for RFID reader

The CiA 445 device profile specifies the CANopen interface for simple and intelligent RFID (radio frequency identification) reader/writer. The data received from the different RFID tags is stored in a FIFO-like (first in first out) way in the manufacturer-specific application software of the reader device. A FIFO entry contains the tag data together with additional information including the FIFO entry number, the transponder type, the tagÕs UID (unique identifier), the time-stamp, and the diagnostic information. Up to 254 selected FIFO-memory entries, represented by CANopen objects, are available at the CANopen interface of the reader. By means of a FIFO control word, it is possible to switch the view on the FIFO entries or to execute pre-defined commands on certain FIFO entries.
Specified are also parameters for data reading and writing from respectively to a certain RFID tag. Starting address within the tag's memory, data length to be read, trigger conditions, key for unlocking tag's memory area and the channel (for multi-channel devices) are defined for read direction. For write direction the destination and source addresses, data length, trigger conditions, write mode, key and the active channel are specified.
No process data objects (PDOs) are pre-defined in the profile. In order to provide PDO mappable sets of tag data the objects for simple tag access were defined. Thus the data read (or to be written) from (or to) a certain tag is represented in the objects of data type Unsigned8, Unsigned16, Unsigned24, Unsigned32 or Unsigned64.