CiA 444: Set of device profiles for crane add-on devices (e.g. spreader)

The CiA 444 three-part CANopen profile specifies the CANopen interfaces for crane spreaders (part 2) and for spreaders of straddle carriers (part 3). Part 1 describes some general definitions such as cabling recommendation and general communication objects.
Implementing the profile, the container-handling machine (e.g. ship-to-shore crane, mobile harbor crane, straddle carrier, rail mounted gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane) exchanges pre-defined objects for configuration, control and diagnostics with the attached spreader.
The crane spreader interface (CiA 444-2) specifies two TPDOs and two RPDOs. Depending on the four defined classes, the spreader transmits and receives only the values defined for its class. Besides spreader control and status information, the profile defines several actual values (e.g. telescope and twin-set position, current and voltage, load) as well as some general information (e.g. rated values, spreader model and manufacturer, time information and height over container).
The straddle carrier spreader interface (CiA 444-3) provides similar functions as the crane-to-spreader interface and specifies three TPDOs and two RPDOs used dependent on class (up to four) functionality. Direction assignments and definitions however are handled differently. Spreader control and status information, actual and rated values and some general information (e.g. spreader-related information, distance between spreader and container, side shift position and weight range values) are provided.
Some crane in-vehicle networks are based on AS-Interface. For container management the RFID (radio frequency identification) technology may be used. Thus, CANopen profile for RFID devices (CiA 445) and interface profile for AS-Interface gateways (CiA 446) can be used together with the CiA 444 profile.