CiA 443: CANopen profiles for SIIS level 2 devices

The CiA 443 CANopen profile for SIIS level-2 devices covers all simple sensors, multi-functional meters, and valves used in so-called Christmas trees. The default physical layer is ISOA 11898-3 compatible. The default bit-rate is 50A kbit/s. The CANopen node-ID is assigned by Layer Setting Services (LSS). The profile specifies a boot-loader mode, and the starting and stopping of application programs.

Sub-sea devices compliant to CiA 443 have no pre-defined PDO mapping. Therefore it is necessary to configure the PDOs before setting a device into NMT operational state. If a device starts in boot-loader mode, the host controller downloads the application program and starts as defined in the CiAA 302-2 additional application layer functions.