CiA 437: CANopen application profile photovoltaic

The CiAA 437 application profile defines a virtual control network for photovoltaic systems feeding its current into the power supply grid. The CANopen interfaces for all connected devices are defined. This includes interfaces to photovoltaic controller, photovoltaic inverters, solar panel tracking systems, sensors for wind speed and direction, radiation sensors, energy sensors, etc. Photovoltaic modules combined to a string may be diagnosed and tracked. Information about power supply grid may be collected.

Because of large amount of possible devices in photovoltaic systems, the devices may be connected within several cascaded CANopen networks. The network architecture is described by means of virtual devices (indivisible logical function of a device) thus allowing physical location of devices anywhere in the network(s). Each virtual device (e.g. inverter, solar panel tracker) is defined by means of its application and configuration parameter. Assignment of node-IDs for CANopen devices may be fulfilled automatically via Layer Setting Services, as specified in CiAA 305. Additionally a mechanism for automatic addressing of physical devices is specified. Thus plug-and-play behavior of the system is achievable.