CiA 434: CANopen profiles for laboratory automation systems

The set of CiA 434 device profiles for laboratory automation systems describes a master/slave-based communication between a laboratory automation master and several laboratory automation slaves (such as e. g. drive units, washing units, centrifuge units).

Devices compliant to these profiles use communication techniques, which conform to those defined in the CANopen application layer and communication profile.
This profile introduces a finite state automaton (FSA), which enables the laboratory automation master (LAM) to control the laboratory automation slave (LAS) devices in a common way. The FSA has to be supported by all LAS devices. In order to achieve feasibility of the profile for very small and simple LAS applications as well as for very complex ones, CiA 434 specifies two pre-defined methods of providing operation commands to the LAS:
a) The LAM may pre-configure an entire work plan within the LAS' command buffer. This enables distributed control architectures as the LAS devices can operate almost autonomously, just monitored by the LAM. The busload can be reduced enormously.
b) The laboratory automation master can control the LASs via transferring and executing one operating command after the other. This method allows integration of simple LAS devices, which provide limited memory and processing resources.