CiA 416: CANopen application profile for building door control systems

The CiA 416 application profile specifies the communication within an embedded door control system. The optional node-ID claiming procedure is based on the information provided in the identity object (vendor-ID, product code, revision number, and serial number). The devices compliant to CiA 416 may implement one or more functional elements (virtual devices). Virtual devices include locking, opening, alarm and alarm reset functionality. Each virtual device uses four parameters:

  • Produced status information
  • Received status information
  • Status mask selecting the reception of status information
  • Status information configuration

Hardware based on 8-bit micro-controllers with on-chip CAN module is able to run a CiA 416 implementation including the node-ID claiming function. The default bit-rate is 125 kbit/s.

The CiA 416 set of specifications consist of several parts:

  • Part 1 describes general definitions and the basic principles (including node-ID claiming procedure)
  • Part 2 specifies the virtual devices
  • Part 3 specifies PDOs and application objects (process data and configuration parameters