CiA 415: CANopen application profile for road construction machinery

The CiA 415 CANopen application profile for road construction machinery has been jointly developed with the OSYRIS (Open System for Road Information Support) consortium and the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA). The profile specifies sensors, and temperature and positioning controllers. The profile covers devices for the following machine types:

The CiA 415 set of specifications consist of several parts:

  • pavers
  • compactors
  • graders
  • dozers
  • milling machines
  • sprayers
  • heaters
  • trucks

he profile-specific object dictionary area is divided into four parts. The first part provides the available measurement values. The second part indicates the measurement values required from other CANopen devices. The third part contains provided set-up parameters and the fourth part indicates the requested set-up parameters.
Two connectors are specified: the 5-pin micro-style and the 7-pin pin-receptacle kind. The sensors may implement different sensor functions. The controllers collect the measured values from the sensors. It is possible to design CANopen devices with controller functionality and local sensor functions.