CiA 413: CANopen device profile for truck gateways

The CiA 413 set of CANopen interface profiles specifies gateways to J1939-based in-vehicle networks for trucks, buses, trailers and other commercial vehicles. Besides the CANopen interface(s), the gateway provides one or more CAN interfaces compliant to ISO 11992 (truck/trailer point-to-point network), SAE J1939-71 (truck power-train network), or ISO 11783 (implement network in agriculture and forestry vehicles). On the CANopen interface the default bit-rate is 250 kbit/s. There are two connectors allowed: the CiA F413 7-pin socket connector to be mounted in the chassis frame close to the body builder power supply, and the CiA C413 9-pin socket connector to be mounted in the cabin close to the dashboard.
All analog ISO 11992 parameters are optionally configurable regarding the value limits, the value prefix, and the SI unit. The J1939-71 and ISO 11783 parameter groups are mapped into the object dictionary be means of programming.

The CiA 413 set of specifications consist of several parts:

  • Part 1 describes general definitions and default communication objects
  • Part 2 specifies parameters for braking and running gear (ISO 11992-2)
  • Part 3 specifies parameters for equipment other than brakes and running gear (ISO 11992-3)
  • Part 4 specifies parameters for diagnostics (ISO 11992-4)
  • Part 5 specifies specific parameters for truck superstructures
  • Part 6 describes the framework for mapping of J1939-based parameters