CiA 412 set of profiles for medical sub-systems

CiA 412-2 is the device profile for automatic X-ray collimators targeting the OEM market. The CANopen device profile covers automatic collimators that limit the X-ray beam to form rectangular, quadrangular, or circular images (shapes) in the image receptor reference plane. Collimators may also provide separate controllable homogeneous and partial filters in order to affect the spectrum of the X-ray beam passing through the collimator. Collimators generally provide functionality to visually simulate the path of the X-ray beam and/or its irradiated area, which corresponds to the examined region of interest. The behavior of the X-ray visualization functionality is governed by the finite state automaton (FSA).

 With CiA 412-3 to -5 it will be simpler to develop X-ray systems made up of several devices by different manufacturers since their configuration will be much simplified.

  • CiA 412-3, the CANopen device profile for X-ray generators, is being developed
  • CiA 412-4, the CANopen device profile for X-ray tables, is being developed
  • CiA 412-5, the CANopen device profile for X-ray stands, is being developed

 CiA 412-6 is the device profile for dose measurement systems. A dose measurement system is used to measure the X-ray dose in an X-ray machine. Besides the dose, the DMS measures also the dose area product, entrance/skin dose and the corresponding dose rates. The specification describes devices that receive the distance between focal point and patient table/reference table from the CANopen network. It also describes devices that calculate this distance based on the distance between DMS and patient table/reference table. The profile provides data objects to describe the measurement of the irradiation time and the dose measurement influencing values, such as chamber temperature and air pressure. A DMS implemented according to CiA 412-6 is able to correct the X-ray dose according to the environmental influences. The application profile defines how the field values (actual measured values) can be converted to the desired process values (desired measured value). Furthermore the device profile offers the possibility for re-adjusting the process value via the CANopen network.