CiA 406: CANopen device profile for linear and rotary encoders

The CANopen device profile for encoder (CiA 406) covers incremental and absolute, linear and rotary encoders. Besides position and velocity output, the profile defines also acceleration and jerk output. In addition, the profile specification possibility covers complete cam functionality with hysteresis. It is possible to describe multi-sensor modules through one CANopen encoder device.

The CANopen encoder profile allows the user to program encoder parameters via the CANopen network. As an operating parameter the code sequence (complement) can be programmed. This determines the counting direction in which the output code is to be increased or decreased. The resolution parameter enables to program a given number of steps for each revolution. The total resolution parameter specifies the desired number of measuring units for the entire length of the path. If a preset value is required and needs to reach a certain physical position of the axis, then the preset value is the parameter for setting the position to the desired process value.