CiA 404: CANopen device profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers

The device profile for transducers and closed-loop controllers (CiA 404) is dedicated to analog sensors and actuators that may also provide digital I/O capability. In addition, the profile is suitable for describing closed-loop controllers that acquire sensor signals and provide set values for the actuators. A device may support up to 199 channels. Each channel may provide one, several or all of the possible functions.

The profile defines also an alarm function generating messages according to pre-defined conditions. Multi-channel sensor devices compliant to this profile may be connected to one or more actuators or closed-loop controllers. These sensor signal-collecting devices may provide a second CANopen network interface in which they are acting as a device providing sensor signals. This allows the design of cascaded transducer networks with a maximum of 199 by 126 analog input channels and up to 199 by 126 analog output channels in each CANopen network.