Find devices by CiA profiles

Products in the CANopen Product Guide are listed by their CiA profile (if applicable). For example: if you are looking for devices that implement the CiA 401 profile for I/O modules, you will find them listed under CiA 401 on the left hand side.

Products available with profile listing in this issue:

  • CANopen device profile for generic I/O modules (CiA 401)
  • CANopen device profile for drives and motion control (CiA 402)
  • CANopen device profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers (CiA 404)
  • CANopen interface and device profile for IEC 61131-3 programmable controllers (CiA 405)
  • CANopen device profile for linear and rotary encoders (CiA 406)
  • CANopen device profile fluid power technology (CiA 408)
  • CANopen device profile for inclinometer (CiA 410)
  • CANopen profiles for medical devices (CiA 412)
  • CANopen device profile for truck gateways (CiA 413)
  • CANopen application profile for lift control systems (CiA 417)
  • CANopen profile for extruder down-stream devices (CiA 420)
  • CANopen application profile for municipal vehicles (CiA 422)
  • CANopen application profile for construction machineries (CiA 436)
  • CANopen device profile for crane add-on devices (CiA 444)
  • CANopen application profile for drilling machines (CiA 455)

Learn more about CiA profiles on the CiA website.