P-3X pressure transmitter family

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As CANopen gains more and more popularity in the automation sector, the need is rising for truly capable and reliable instruments that can serve that expanding sector.
WIKA has the answer: P-30 CAN.

The P-30 CAN is a high precision pressure transmitter built completely by our experienced engineers in our production site in Germany.

The highest quality standards are followed in all production steps, to ensure the reliability and quality of WIKA pressure transmitters.

A combination of a reliable WIKA pressure sensor and premium electronic components, housed in a stainless steel case with high IP rating; makes the P-30 CAN ideal in test benches and test stands, in laboratories, in quality and testing facilities and even in the field of process control and automation.

All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and are hermetically welded. Therefore there is no need for additional sealing material, which could possibly react with the pressure medium.

Special Features

    •    Pressure ranges: 250 mbar up to 1,000 bar
    •    Accuracy: 0.1 % up to 0.05 % , with no additional temp errors between
         10 and 60 °C
    •    Wide selection of pressure port threads and electrical connector types

Communication services

The P-30 CAN supports, among others, LSS, Node Guarding, Heartbeat, synchronous and asynchronous data transmission. The bit-rate can be adjusted from 10 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s.