Movidrive® B inverter

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Innovation and performance were the top priorities for SEW-Eurodrive during the development of the new inverter technology that is implemented in Movidrive® B. With its variety of basic functions, wide power range, high overload capacity and a modular unit concept, Movidrive® B increases profitability and flexibility of systems worldwide.

Effidrive® energy saving concepts with Movidrive® B

The most important modules of the Effidrive® energy saving concept are consulting offered by SEW-Eurodrive and the components of the modular energy efficiency system: The Movidrive® B inverter offers technological functions to realize energy-efficient machine or system solutions.

Integrated safety technology

The Movidrive® B inverter meets the challenge of avoiding industrial accidents while maintaining trouble-free and economical system operation. To ensure employee safety during machine and system operation, deviations from prescribed velocity profiles or positions must be detected quickly and result in a safety shutdown in case of error.

Application modules for Movidrive® B in application version

Application solutions from SEW-Eurodrive are both standardized and universal. The user-friendly and ready-made application modules make it easy to solve many tasks by simply setting parameters without any special programming knowledge. They have been developed specifically for the application areas positioning, winding and motion control. The functionality has been tested, and it can be loaded into the inverter and operated by simply pressing a button.

One inverter – universal application:

  • From asynchronous AC drives to synchronous servo drives, from simple speed control to positioning tasks to dynamic applications
  • A wide power range from 0,55 to 315 kW
  • Large range of basic functions thanks to a large number of inverter inputs and outputs
  • Integrated positioning and sequence control IPOSplus®

Modular unit concept:

  • Optional communication and technology components extend the basic functions
  • Integrated safety function "Safe Torque Off" (STO) according to DIN EN 954-1 category 3 and according to EN ISO 13849-1 PL d
  • Pluggable service module to transfer unit data simply and quickly when service is required
  • Simplified startup procedure using the "electronic nameplate" in conjunction with Hiperface® encoder
  • Keypad with full matrix display and 15 languages to choose from
  • Jerk-limited acceleration to protect systems subject to vibration

Movidrive® B units can be connected to a variety of voltage supply sources:

  • 3 × 200 VAC to 240 VAC ±10 % / 1,5 kW to 37,0 kW
  • 3 × 380 VAC to 500 VAC ±10 % / 0,55 kW to 315 kW