CANopen Lift Encoder

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Magnetic MCD rotary encoders by Posital are robust, durable and compact. They are mechanically simple and cost efficient designed for the usage in lift applications. The mechanical design allows high shaft load for mounting with belt drives. With the support of the CANopen Lift protocol the user don’t need to configure the sensor and a direct installation can be conducted.

The main features are

•    compact industrial model 36.5 mm
•    high shaft load up to 110 N
•    shaft: 10 mm
•    high protection degree up to IP65
•    Multi-Turn encoding based on Wiegand Sensor
•    Gear and Battery free
•    Device Profile DS417 (lift)
•    Max. 4096 steps/revolution (12 bit)
•    Max. revolution not limited (typical 15 bit)
•    code: binary
•    standard version with connector exit (optional cable exit)

Programmable parameters

•    code sequence
•    resolution per revolution
•    total resolution
•    preset value

CE approval

Conformity with the standards regarding
EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4