MCD Epos compact drive

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MCD EPOS, compact drive with integrated positioning controller

Maxon motor AG specializes in the development, manufacturing and sales of high quality drive components and systems under the trade mark maxon motor. All key components are manufactured in-house with custom design machinery. Our most important key technologies are three winding processes, motor manufacture and gearhead production as well as electronics, magnetic encoder components and the application of high-tech ceramics.

Maxon's compact drives feature controllers, sensors and motors in a modern aluminum casing. The use of existing maxon products with an adapted design results in robust, space-saving drive solutions with high power density. The decentralized concept of these intelligent drives minimizes the use of centralised controllers.

The combination of the brushless maxon EC motor, digital MR encoder and the fully digital EPOS positioning controller results in a highly dynamic, maintenance-free positioning drive with excellent functionality and high efficiency. Planetary gearheads can be selected from the maxon gear programme as an option for greater torque.

The MCD EPOS is fitted with several opto-coupled inputs and outputs. Sensor signals and events can be evaluated directly in the drive. Cable lengths are shorter, thus reducing susceptibility to interference. Drive commanded by graphic user interface with many functions and wizards for start-up procedure, automatic control settings, I/O configuration and tests.

Product features

  • CANopen profile position-, profile velocity- and homing mode
  • Position-, velocity-, current-, master encoder- and step direction mode
  • Position regulation with velocity- and acceleration feed-forward
  • Sinusoidal and trapezoidal motion profiles
  • Smart multi-purpose digital I/Os configurable as: positive and negative limit switch, home switch, position marker, enable and ready output
  • General purpose digital I/Os
  • Communication via CAN and/or EIA-232 (RS-232)
  • Gateway EIA-232 (RS-232) to CAN for service
  • Built-in data recorder, auto tuning of controller parameters
  • Windows-based graphical user interface for configuration and auto-tuning free of charge
  • IEC 1131 libraries for different PLC free of charge
  • Windows DLL free of charge

Product family

  • MCD EPOS 60 W , 12 V to 50 V, nominal torque 54 mNm


  • Automation
  • Electronic production
  • Packing equipment
  • Materials handling