Absolut encoder GXP5W.Z06 encoder family (lift)

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CANopen lift encoders for elevator engineering

The CANopen user profile now also for encoders

Baumer, the specialist in encoders and controllers has contributed his experience in field-bus systems to the CiA special interest group "Lift control" by designing a new encoder corresponding to the new user profile and capable of direct connection to the bus system. This will open up all advantages of bus technology to the user, starting with comfortable setup and ending with comprehensive diagnostic options. Even environmental temperatures from −20 °C to +80 °C have no impact on the encoder's reliability. The encoder is shock-protected up to 2 000 m/s2. The encoder resolution is 29-bit, whereas 13 bit are for the angular information and 16 bit for the number of turns.

One encoder capable of absolute and incremental signals

Regulation tasks in elevator technology often imply a combination of two encoder types: During travelling up and downwards the signals of an incremental encoder are being evaluated for controlling the speed of the cabin drive. The incremental encoder is supplying a speed-unrelevant clock pulse that for example rather easily can be changed by a frequency/voltage transformer into a speed-relevant voltage. Precise travel to the individual floors however is calling for the absolute position signals of a multiturn encoder. For this and similar applications, for example swing forklift trucks in high multi-store shelves now one device and consequently the occurring costs can be saved.

An electronic multiturn encoder of the Baumer Multivo product series is featuring two additional incremental track signals shifted by 90°. The integrated ASIC is processing both absolute and incremental signals and makes them available by standardized interface to the control unit for speed and position regulation. The incremental signals for example are for regulating travel profiles whereas the absolute signals are for capturing the stop positions. Separate connectors for the incremental signals enable easy installation.