Bearingless Absolute Encoder MHAD 50

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Bearingless magnetic encoders defy adverse ambient conditions thanks to their robust design. At textile machines, fabrics would meaningfully reduce the service life of ball bearings, and harsh industrial environments or mobile applications with shocks, vibrations, dust and humidity demand the most of the deployed encoders.

The small absolute encoder series MHAD 50 provides very compact design benefits with only 50 mm in diameter and an extremely shallow installation depth of only 20 mm. The encoders are easy to fit into tight spots where installation space is confined. Thanks to its large through-hollow shaft the encoder does not consume any space at the shaft end but can be installed in a space and cost saving manner straight between gearbox and the machine part to be driven. The non-contact sensing principle allows for large permissible tolerances on radial and axial displacement of +/- 1 mm respectively 0,1 to 0,5 mm.

The current position will be output as absolute value with 16-bit resolution, optionally via CANopen interface. An additional incremental signal provides speed feedback (1024 to 8192 steps per turn). The compact design allows for arranging up to 4 sensors at the pole wheel for easy and cost-efficient redundant solutions. An integrated self-monitoring functionality ensures consistent high-quality signals and reliable sensor performance. The compact magnetic encoder provides IP67 protection in its standard configurations, withstands operating temperatures between -40 and +85 °C and thanks to its robust design and the utilized magnetic sensing technique provides dependable operation not only in dust and humidity but also during severe shocks and vibrations.