Absolute rotary encoder TBN/TRN 42/S4 SIL2

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A positive-locking mechanical connection between the customer’s shaft and the sensor shaft ensures that the magnet in the sensor shaft precisely reflects the rotation of the customer’s shaft. For the TBN encoder model, one rotation (i.e. max. 65536 steps) is recorded. With the subsequent absolute transmission, the TRN shaft encoder reaches a measuring range of up to 4096 rotations. Measured data is output via the CANopen interface. Position and speed values are sent via PDOs (process data objects). The encoder supports the CANopen Safety protocol (EN 50325-5) and is certified for SIL 2 (safety integrity level) applications.


  • Flange: 42-mm diameter (clamp flange, synchro flange)
  • Shaft diameter: 6-14mm (Flattened, woodruff key, feather key, ZRS shaft)
  • Housing material: Aluminum, stainless steel, magnetic steel
  • Single-turn resolution: up to 16 bit
  • Multi-turn resolution: 12 bit
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +82 °C
  • Max speed: 10 000 1/min
  • Protection rating: IP65 up to IP69K
  • Certification: SIL 2 certified

Slewing ring functionality (TRN)

For applications in wind turbines, cranes, transport units, etc. it is desirable to emulate the function of a mechanical gearbox. For example, if the rotary encoder is coupled to the drive axle of a gearbox or if the position of a slewing ring is to be detected using a measuring gear with a coupled rotary encoder.

The encoder is located on the fast gear axis (drive wheel) and calculates the position of the slow gear axis (output wheel) via the transmission ratio. The transmission ratio and the resolution of the output axis (digit per revolution) can be freely selected. The output code is consistent beyond the code range of the encoder, regardless of the selected transmission ratio. The transmission ratio can be even or odd. The user does not have to evaluate the gear revolutions and can run through any number of gear periods in one direction. This means that non-reversing operation is possible.


With optional TWK ZRS (play compensating measuring gear) the encoder can be mounted in the application without play.

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Link to TBN42/S4: