SIDOOR - Automatic door controls for elevators

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Service at every level

SIDOOR door control systems for elevators are suitable for every door system, are fast and easy to install with single-button commissioning and are very maintenance-friendly. Thanks to the easily accessible data analysis that is possible via CANopen, you always know the condition of the elevator doors and when they require maintenance. Via the CAN interface at the SIDOOR AT40 CAN and the CANopen CiA 417 Lift application profile, you can use your own tools to read out the relevant door control data at the virtual terminal. In conjunction with the main controller, this can be broken down by floors across the building using a web server and WLAN.

To manage multiple locations, the elevator control allows service parameters and door status messages to be transmitted to MindSphere (the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens) and evaluated worldwide. The data evaluation is not limited to the door control system and is even possible for components of all manufacturers via the main control system with corresponding interface. The MindApp FleetManager enables condition-based maintenance.

  • Single-button operation for the entire commissioning process
  • Energy-optimized operation of the cage
  • Automatic motor detection for high system flexibility
  • High degree of operational safety thanks to protective motor design
  • Reliability, ruggedness, and precision for minimal maintenance and repair outlay
  • Protection of electronics against the improper application of force to the door
  • Manufacturer-independent plug and play through the CANopen CiA 417 Lift application Profile
  • Centralized and decentralized data analysis via the connected elevator control e.g. their web server or connection to MindSphere
  • Access from another CAN station with the "Virtual Terminal" function through parameterization and visualization on the SIDOOR terminal module
  • Condition-based maintenance thanks to the elevator control being linked to MindSphere and the MindApp FleetManager
    Technical data AT40 CAN  
    Maximum door mass to be moved 600 kg (depending on Motor)
    Door opening width 0,3 to 5 m
    Maximum counterweight 4 to 8 kg (depending on motor)
    Supported DC-Geared motors SIDOOR M2 L/R (IP20/IP20 up to 120 kg)
    SIDOOR M3 L/R (IP40/IP54 up to 180 kg)
    SIDOOR M4 L/R (IP40/IP54 up to 400 kg)
    SIDOOR M5 L/R (IP54/IP54 up to 600 kg)
    Supported power supplies SIDOOR TRANSFORMER
    Interfaces RS 485
    USB via USB adapter (optional)
    Ambient temperature during operation  -20 °C to 50 °C
    Protection Rating IP20
    Dimension (W x H x D) 320 x 60 x 80 mm
    Controller Accessories SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT
    Motor Accessories SIDOOR mounting bracket, SIDOOR rubber-metal anti-vibration mount, SIDOOR toothed belt, SIDOOR door clutch holder…