CANopen Magic for PCAN

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Analyzer, EDS editor, configuration, and simulation tool

CANopen Magic Professional for PCAN is a versatile software tool to monitor, analyze, trace, configure, simulate, and test CANopen and CANopen FD networks and devices. It contains functions for the entire lifetime of a CANopen network: from development and test to system integration and performance analysis. Use sophisticated trace filtering and node access to monitor, analyze, and test all aspects of your network. Simulate nodes that are still under development. It supports all PEAK-System PC CAN interfaces.

Further information:

For all information about CANopen products for PCAN, just click on the following link: www.peak-system.com/quick/CiA-CoPG-2.

If you have questions about CANopen® or CANopen FD®, just write an e-mail to canopen@peak-system.com.

Features highlights:

  • Full symbolic Object Dictionary entry support throughout the user interface, using common defaults and EDS/DCF or CANopen Architect files
  • Multiple trace windows with accurate, high-resolution timestamps and individual filter settings. Detailed CANopen and CANopen FD interpretation of all messages on the network. Including long-term logging support.
  • Log file player, multiple trace file format support
  • Live Object Dictionary window support with full Object Dictionary read/write/cyclic update
  • PDO configuration windows allow at-a-glance access to all PDO configuration parameters of a node. Communication and mapping parameters can be changed by point-and-click. Multiple windows allow to view the PDOs of multiple nodes at the same time for easy PDO linking and data mapping.
  • Network overview window with fast scanning cycle, node information, and live NMT status
  • Network management master to switch slave nodes into various modes or reset
  • Real-time data monitoring with graphs, meters, and LEDs, including scaling/offset to show physical data
  • Layer-setting services support
  • Full CANopen and CANopen FD node simulation with live bi-directional process image access and visualization with graphs, meters, LEDs, switches, dials etc. (only in Ultimate version)
  • Scripting engine and API including custom trace display modifications (only in Ultimate version)
  • Command line interface

For more information about PEAK-System, please visit the manufacturer's website: www.peak-system.com.