Sendix F58x8 singleturn and multiturn encoder series

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The Sendix F58 multiturn with patented Intelligent Scan Technology™ from Kuebler is a particularly high resolution optical multiturn encoder without gears and with 100 percent magnetic insensitivity.

32 bits total resolution, through hollow shaft up to 15 mm and CANopen functionalities according to up-to-date Encoder Profile.

Main features
•    Flange diameter: 58 mm
•    Depth: 60/65 mm
•    Shaft diameter: 6 mm to 10 mm
•    Blind hollow shaft diameter: 10 mm to 15 mm
•    Protection rating to EN 60529: IP65 or IP67
•    Operating temperature range: −40 °C to +80 °C
•    Resolution: 16-bit singleturn, 16-bit multiturn
•    Max. speed: 12 000 rpm

Electrical data
•    Supply voltage: 10...30 VDC

•    Event mode
•    2 working areas with 2 upper and lower limits and the corresponding
     output states
•    Variable PDO mapping for position, speed, work area status, error message,
     raw data
•    Extended failure management for position sensing
•    User interface with visual display of bus and failure status - 1 LED, 2 colours
•    Customer-specific memory 16 Byte
•    Customer-specific protocol
•    Universal Scaling Function (USF)
•     “Watchdog controlled” device
•    Extended diagnostic modes