Inclinometer IS60

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IS60, 2-dimensional
The inclinometer IS60 from Kuebler permits 2-dimensional inclinations to be measured. Versions are available for the measuring ranges ± 10°, ± 45° or ± 60°.
The sensor has a standardised CANopen interface, which enables easy configuration and start-up. All the parameters are stored in the internal permanent memory. Can be supplied with customer-specific parameterising.

Main features

•    Protection rating to EN 60529: IP68
•    Operating temperature range: -40...+80°C
•    Measuring axes: 2 (X/Y)
•    Measuring range: ± 10°, ± 45°, ± 60° 

Electrical data
•    Supply voltage: 10...30 VDC

•    TPDO (RTR, cyclic, event-driven, synchronized)
•    parameterization per SDO and object register
•    digital filter (Butterworth Low pass, 8th order)
•    SYNC Consumer
•    EMCY Producer
•    output and control of internal device temperature (±2.0 K accuracy)
•    failure control with the help of Heartbeat or Nodeguarding / Lifeguarding