Inter Control digsy® MTC

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The digsy® MTC is the most advanced 32-bit control system for individual customer solutions and superior cost effectiveness.


  • Powerful process- and communication controller
  • 32-bit system (400 MHz) with high computing power
  • Free programmable with Codesys V3.5
  • Multi-Tasking capability
  • Four independent CAN-interfaces with CANopen/J1939–protocol
  • Integrated Compact Flash-Card up to 4 GB for process and/or machinery data
  • Field friendly software exchange via USB stick
  • Serial EEPROM memory (data back up on power-fail)
  • Status display with eight bi-colour and 4 uni-colour LED’s
  • Real-time clock with stand-by-service
  • Power supply voltage monitor
  • Temperature monitor
  • System status display
  • Waterproof enclosure with breathable Goretex®- membrane
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • EMC resistant
  • Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C without cooling

Technical data


  • Cool Running (<1W) 32-bit, 400MHz microcontroller
  • 64-bit Floating Point Unit
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • 32 MB FLASH
  • 1 GB Compact-Flash card
  • Temperature sensor
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) with stand-by service


  • 4 independent CAN interfaces (2x opto-isolated)
  • 2 EIA-232 (RS-232) interfaces
  • 1 Ethernet interface (UDP, TCP/IP)
  • 1 USB Interface for memory sticks


  • 2 digital outputs (400mA, high side switch, short-circuit protected, over voltage and overload protected, protected against inverse polarity, identification of wire break)
  • 2 digital Inputs (plus connected, over voltage and overload protected)

Front panel

  • 12 LED’s for system status display
  • 1 push button, free programmable


  • Designed to be mounted outdoors in the elements
  • Protection class: IP66K (high pressure water-proof)