esd electronics CBX CANopen series of I/O modules

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Compact CANopen Devices

The CAN-CBX module series with InRailBus provides industry compatible CANopen modules in combination with service-friendly ‘wiring’ of CAN bus and supply voltage.


The power supply and the CAN bus signals can be applied either via the InRailBus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp connection. Individual modules can be removed from the InRailBus without interrupting the network signals.

CAN Interface

The CAN interface is designed according to ISO11898-2 with electrical isolation and bit rates of up to 1 Mbit/s. The CANopen-node number and the CAN-bit rate can be easily set via coding switches.

LED Display

LEDs show the I/O-channel state and the CANopen node state.

Software Support

The modules come with CANopen firmware according to CiA 301 and with a CANopen I/O-profile according to CiA 4xx.

CAN-CBX-CANopen Modules:

    8 digital I/O channels, 24 V, separately programmable, max. output current is 1 A at 24 V
    4 relay outputs, 2 change over contacts, 2 normally open contacts, max. switching power 2000 VA
  • CAN-CBX-AI420
    4 analog inputs, resolution 20 bits, input range ±10 V, electrical isolation
  • CAN-CBX-AI814
    8 analog inputs, resolution 14 bits, input range ±10V, sample rate up to 1 kHz, electrical isolation
  • CAN-CBX-Pt100
    temperature measurement, 4 channel PT100 resistance thermometer, temperature range -100 °C to +500 °C, resolution 20 bit, electrical isolation
  • CAN-CBX-Thermo
    4 channel thermocouples, type J,K or L, temperature range: -200 °C to + 1.200 °C, cold-junction compensation
  • CAN-CBX-AO412
    4 analogue outputs, resolution 12 bits + sign, output range ± 10 V, electrical isolation
    2 serial interfaces, EIA-232 (RS-232), options: EIA-422 (RS-422), TTY, 1x EIA-485 (RS-485)
  • CAN-CBX-CPU5201
    Micro-PLC-CPU, PowerPCTM MPC 5121 with FPU, 400 MHz, RTC, 100 BaseTX Ethernet, RS-232, 2x CAN, 1x USB 2.0 Full-Speed Host, optional: Profibus-DP slave/EtherCAT-Master, PLC programming system CoDeSys available

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