esd electronics CANopen gateways and bridges

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Gateway Function Linking Industrial Bus Systems

The portfolio of esd electronics gateway familiy covers the linking of CAN and CANopen to industrial field bus and Ethernet systems such as PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Cloud.

All CAN / CANopen Gateways to PROFIBUS respectively PROFINET have in common that they do not need external configuration by the user. The complete configuration and setup is executed by means of the PLC's application program. Thus, the exchange of a gateway in the field can be accomplished quite easily. Additional external tools or resources are not necessary.

Bridge Function

Bridge functions for data exchange between two independent CAN segments.

EtherCAN/2 Gateway

CAN-Ethernet Gateway

  • Ethernet Gateway to CAN and CANopen
  • Easy access with esd standard NTCAN-API for Windows, Linux, QNX
  • Fast UDP protocol esd ELLSI for other operating systems
  • Website access for configuration and status
  • HTML5 websocket server integrated
  • SNMP monitorable


EtherCAT-CAN Gateway

  • Flexible EtherCAT Gateway to CAN and CANopen
  • Configuration by standard EtherCAT engineering tools
  • Additional Ethernet port for web configuration and switchboard functionality (EoE – Ethernet over EtherCAT)


Profibus-DP/CANopen Gateway

  • Connection of CANopen Devices and Networks to PROFIBUS-DP
  • PROFIBUS-DP slave according to IEC 61158
  • Configuration via PROFIBUS Master e.g. Simatic Manager
  • Including GSD files and configuration examples
  • CANopen: any number of SDOs and PDOs as well as NMT Master, Heartbeat and Sync.


Profinet-IO/CANopen Gateway

  • PROFINET Gateway to CAN and CANopen
  • PROFINET-IRT capable
  • PROFINET-IO Device with up to 1.4K bytes I/O data
  • 2 port switch integrated
  • Configuration by standard S7 PROFINET manager


Intelligent CAN-Bridge

  • Linking two CAN nets with data buffering
  • Different bit rates on the CAN nets possible
  • 11-bit ID and 29-bit ID bridge
  • Internal microcontroller MB90F543
  • High-Speed CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898-2, 1 Mbit/s
  • Electrical isolation by optocouplers and DC/DC-converters
  • Configuration of the CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 module is easily done by means of a PC/terminal
  • Direct fixing at DIN-EN carrier rail mounting (TS 35)

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