Epec SC52 safety control unit

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Epec SC52 is a state-of-the-art controller for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. Outputs in SC52 have a high-side current measurement, so only one I/O pin is needed to control proportional valves.

SC52 offers a flexible solution for software-based safety function implementation. Together with the SC52 controller, Epec offers a set of pre-certified PLCopen application libraries in order to reduce customer’s safety related software development effort.


The EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC sets requirements which machine manufacturers must comply to with their products. Also, new revisions of C-type standards have been published to align application-specific requirements with the Machinery Directive and state-of-the-art technology.

For these demands, Epec has developed SC52 Safety Control Unit and a software ecosystem to meet all the technical requirements as well as business objectives. Our objective is to provide machine manufacturers with a complete solution to achieve the shortest time-to-market.


Epec’s application development tool chain streamlines the making of safety application:

  1. Make all the needed configurations with Epec MultiTool (all safety-related items are highlighted with yellow), MultiTool then generates a code template
  2. Continue the programming with Codesys using Epec’s pre-certified safety libraries and normal Codesys libraries
  3. Once the application is completed, use Epec CANmoon to download the software in safety unit

Technical Features

  • Up to SIL2 (IEC 61508:2010 and IEC 62061:2005) and PLd/Cat 3 (ISO 13849-1:2015), as a stand-alone controller
  • Support for Cat2 architecture when using intelligent safety certified sensors
  • Processor: 32 bit multicore CPU with lock-step and memory protection
  • Flash memory: 8 Mbyte
  • RAM: 512 kbyte
  • PLCopen application size: up to 1024 kbyte
  • CAN: 2
  • I/O: 22 (14 inputs + 8 outputs)
  • IP class: IP67
  • Temperature range: -40 … + 85 °C -40 … +185 °F
  • Connectors: 1 x AMP 35
  • Codesys version: 3.5 SP10
  • Codesys V3 Safety SIL 2 programming
  • Supported CAN protocols: CANopen, CANopen Safety, SAEJ1939
  • CANopen Safety protocol for safety-related communication according to EN 50325-5
  • Extensive set of pre-certified PLCopen libraries for safety related applications
  • Three-colored diagnostic LED for quick status check and fault detection