Robust (dynamic) inclinometer with CANopen/J1939 interface with 3 models

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  • Standard
  • Dynamic (gyro-compensated)
  • SIL2 / PLd Safety certified

With the QG65-series, DIS Sensors offers a robust inclinometer series that measures inclination with respect to earth gravity. The QG65-series supports a CANopen or J1939 interface.


The QG65-series consists of 3 different models:

QG65N2 Standard inclinometer

  • standard accuracy
  • high accuracy

QG65D Dynamic inclinometer (gyroscope compensated)

  • standard accuracy
  • high accuracy

This sensor has been designed to eliminate the spikes in angle measurement from vibrations and shocks arising from normal machine operation. This innovative sensor combines a triaxial accelerometer with a triaxial gyroscope to calculate highly reliable angle values.

QG65N SIL2 / PLd certified inclinometer

This sensor has been designed for safety-applications. The safety function is provided by features such as redundancy, communication via the CANopen Safety Protocol and continuous verification of correct operation of all components.
The sensor is certified for usage in SIL2 /PLd safety applications by DEKRA.

Measuring ranges

The QG65-series measures the full 360º angle in the vertical plane. The device is also available for measuring of dual-axes tilts in the horizontal plane (±90° or ±30°).

Robust housing

The QG65-series inclinometer is highly shock resistant. The micro-electronics is fully potted in a compact reinforced plastic housing (QG65) or available in a stainless-steel housing (QG76). Connectivity is given by 1x M12 (plug) or 2x M12 (plug and socket) to provide easy ‘loop-through’. All M12 models are IP67 or IP69K rated. The QG76 with gland/cable output is IP68 or IP69K rated. The operating temperature range is -40 ºC to +80 ºC.


Each QG65 is individually calibrated. The resolution is 0,01º. Mechanical offset-errors due to mounting can be easily eliminated by a centering-feature via a CAN command.

Two models are available:


An easy-to-use configurator for QG65N2 and QG65D is available: https://dis-sensors.com/en/downloads/configurator-tools


CE, UL, Industrial & Automotive EMC, SIL2/PLd functional safety Declarations of conformity: https://dis-sensors.com/en/downloads/declarations-of-conformity

QG65N2 and QG65D CANopen specifications

QG65N CANopen Safety specifications


See https://dis-sensors.com/en/inclination-sensors/product-selector

CRC offline calculator for QG65N SIL2/PLd sensor

See https://dis-sensors.com/media/downloads/Downloads/Software/Setup_CRC_generator_2018.zip


See https://dis-sensors.com/en/our-distributors