CAN- and CANopen-related educational training

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CAN in Automation (CiA) offers seminars with regard to CAN-related topics. These seminars address development engineers, system integrators, as well as decision-makers who want to learn more about the Classical CAN and the CAN FD protocol respectively about the higher layer protocols CANopen and CANopen FD. All CiA seminars are device- and manufacturer-independent.

CiA webinars

The one-hour CiA webinars provide latest technical as well as market trends in CAN-based networking. They discuss the current status that is achieved in CAN-based networking as well as next steps with regard to market penetration and technical development (CAN XL). Additionally, status and near future of CAN FD-based higher-layer protocols such as CANopen FD and SAE J1939-22 are presented.

These webinars are intended for CAN users or decision makers from all over the world. Therefore, they are scheduled in three different time zones (CET, CST, JST) thus enabling interested people to attend the webinar at a convenient local time. The CiA webinars are held in English language.

In-house seminars

During CiA in-house seminars we train attendees in CAN and CANopen in an either technical- or marketingoriented way. The agenda of an in-house seminar is tailored to your company ś needs and is available in Chinese, English, German, or Russian language. It is up to the customer to arrange the audience with employees exclusively or with invited guests such as representatives from suppliers or customers.

Presentations will be in English or German language.