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The products in the CANopen Product Guide are listed in categories with sub-categories. Please browse through the list below to find where to look for a specific product or click on the menu on the left hand side to get to the category of your choice.

Application-specific device
  • lift
  • off-highway
  • truck
  • railway
Please find in this category devices suitable for a particular application. For example devices listed under lift comply to the CANopen application profile for lift (CiA 417), or the devices listed under railway comply to the EN 50155 standard for railways.
  • cables
  • connectors
  • micro-controller
  • repeater
  • other
Here stand-alone devices such as cables, connectors, micro-controllers, repeaters, stand-alone CAN controllers, and CAN transceivers are listed.
Generic CAN tool
  • analyzer
  • configuration
  • conformance
  • EDS editor
  • physical layer
  • other
  • simulation
Generic CAN tool lists hardware and software tools for generic use in a CANopen network, e.g. analyzers, configurators, conformance tests, EDS editors, physical-layer tools.
Generic device
  • actuator
  • controller
  • datalogger
  • gateway
  • human machine interface
  • I/O module
  • interface board
  • sensor
  • starter kit
Please find here
  • actuators (e.g. frequency converters, hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives, servo controllers, stepper controllers, motor starters, roller controllers),
  • controllers (e.g. closed-loop controllers, CNC controllers, PCs, PLC, iPCs),
  • dataloggers,
  • gateways to CANopen (e.g. from Bluetooth, CAN, Ethernet, Firewire, IEEE488, Profibus, serial buses, USB),
  • human machine interfaces (e.g. hand-held devices, displays, joysticks, keyboards, terminals),
  • I/O modules,
  • interface boards to CANopen from analog systems (e.g. PCI, PC card, PC/104, VME, AT, Mezzanine),
  • sensors (e.g. encoders, inclinometers, pressure sensors, temperature sensors),
  • various starter kits.
Generic software
  • PLC kernel
  • protocol stack
In this category you will find CANopen protocols stacks, OPC servers, PLC kernels, driver programs or other generically usable software.
  • certification
  • education and training
  • hardware development
  • software development
Here all services to do with CANopen ranging from consulting to development and from training to certification are included.
Specific tools
  • PLC programming environments
Hardware and software tools for specific usage in a CANopen network (e.g debugger, micro-controller programming environments, or PLC programming environments) are listed in this category.