LSN sensor

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Inclination sensor

The LSN is an inclination sensor which is specially designed for robust applications in mobile working machines. The LSN communicates with the control electronics via a CANopen interface.


  • Different measurement modes (biaxial-mode ±90°, uniaxial-mode ±180°)
  • High sensor resolution of 0,025° (14 bit)
  • No moving parts, therefore high service life and shock resistance
  • CANopen interface (CiA 301, CiA 410 ) for digital and loss-free data transfer
  • Comfortable setting of the parameters (zero point, measuring filter, ...)
  • Robust aluminum casing with protection category IP67
  • Extensive working temperature range: −40 °C to +85 °C


  • Load moment restriction for cranes
  • Position monitoring and control for the cages on elevating work platforms
  • Automatic levelling of platforms
  • Measuring inclinations and swivelling angles