HCY controller (off-highway)

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Extended mobile controller

The HCY is a universal control device for mobile hydraulic applications. It is based on the proven Völkel platform, which contains two decades' experience in control system engineering. Safety features and a CAN network make it possible to use the HCY control system in a versatile manner and for complex tasks. The controller is available with customer-specific software. The PC program ConDoc enables a rapid adaptation to the individual machine data as well as a comprehensive diagnosis. The HCY hardware is also available as programmable logic controller. In this way the advantages of a controller tested in rough environment complement with the benefits of free programming according to the international standard IEC 61131-3. Integrated current drivers for proportional solenoids, analog inputs, frequency and switch inputs effect quick programming.


  • Robust aluminum housing for outdoor use, equipped with a ventilation membrane and a status LED, protection category IP65, IP69K
  • 2 micro-controllers XC167CI/40 MHz and C505CA/4 MHz for reciprocal monitoring, each with voltage regulation, cycle generation and watchdog
  • 6 configurable switch inputs
  • 4 configurable frequency inputs
  • 1 rotary frequency sensor input, pickup
  • 1 clamp W, frequency input
  • 8 configurable analog inputs
  • 4 switch outputs
  • 6 proportional solenoid outputs
  • 1 safety relay for safety cut off
  • 1 power supply output for Namur sensors and potentiometers
  • Power supply: 8 VDC to 32 VDC
  • 2 CAN interfaces for communication, expansion, connection
    Use of CAN network variables via standard CAN (11-bit ID) and extended CAN (29-bit ID) for easy information exchange between two or more controllers
    Adjustable CAN end resistors
  • 1 EIA-232 (RS-232) interface for communication with programming software
  • Reverse pole and overvoltage protection
  • Flexible use of inputs and outputs due to parameter setting for selected functions
  • Additional means of switching off using a safety relay according to the principle of closed circuit current
  • Monitoring the current supply and reverse measurement of all outputs
  • Various possibilities for monitoring inputs and outputs (e.g. recognition of cable breaks and short circuits).
  • Plausibility checks for safety-critical parameters by logic operation and limited value monitoring