USB-CANmodul interface board series and CAN-Ethernet gateway

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USB-CANmodul series

Do you need a fast, user-friendly and reliable hardware interface for trouble-free access to CAN bus networks? Our USB-CANmodul series provides you with an ideal solution for connecting CAN to your notebook, desktop or industrial computer. Powered by a fast 32-bit CPU, the USB-CANmodul is available with up to 16 CAN channels. The enclosed software driver is capable of simultaneously operating multiple USB-CANmodul devices with up to 64 CAN channels in total.

The USB-CANmodul driver implements so-called “Virtual Networks” that attached to a physical CAN channel. This feature allows for simultaneous connection of multiple host-applications to a single CAN channel. CAN messages appearing on a Virtual Network are distributed to all connected host-applications. Of course, the USB-CANmodul driver maintains full downward compatibility to previous versions.

Do you have a product idea where this product could fit, yet still has some extra features missing? We provide expanded development services for OEM and customized firmware to meet your demands.

The driver is available for Windows, Linux and LabVIEW.

With our USB-CANmodul we ship a CANopen API driver for the Microsoft .NET framework. This driver provides a wrapper around the SYS TEC electronic CANopen protocol stack and allows for implementation of CANopen-enabled applications.

Avialable modules

  • USB-CANmodul1: 1x CAN channel support
  • USB-CANmodul2: 2x CAN channel support
  • USB-CANmodul8: 8x CAN channel support
  • USB-CANmodul16: 16x CAN channel support

Read more at: http://www.systec-electronic.com/en/products/industrial-communication/interfaces-and-gateways/can-usb-adapter-usb-canmodul1

CAN-Ethernet Gateway

The CAN-Ethernet Gateway enables access to remote CAN networks via Ethernet. CAN layer 2 messages are directly transferred over existing Ethernet topologies without intermediate protocol interpretation or interference. Timestamps, internal message buffers with transmission triggers and a dedicated protocol running on Ethernet side ensures the reliable and time-consistent transmission of CAN messages over often unpredictable Ethernet routes.Here, the CAN-Ethernet Gateway supports two operation modes; bridged mode and gateway mode. The gateway supports both modes simultaneously. CAN-based higher-layer protocols like CANopen, SDS or Devicenet are supported.

A fast ARM9 controller on the CAN-Ethernet Gateway ensures reliable operation even when running at highest bit rate and full bus load on multiple channels. The CAN-Ethernet Gateway firmware supports multiple simultaneous connections, allowing multiple CAN networks to operate as one big logical network. The underlaying Linux operating system on the CAN-Ethernet Gateway enables the user to execute own user programs and interact with the gateway firmware in response to certain events. Device configuration is supported via Ethernet or USB.

Gateway mode

When running in gateway mode, the CAN-Ethernet Gateway acts as end point CAN interface for a remote host-PC.

Bridge mode

In Bidge Mode, two or more CAN-Ethernet gateways connect directly without the need for a host-PC. This mode connects distant CAN networks to one logical network. Here, the user can configure transmission filters applied on CAN messages to reduce the amount of data transmitted over Ethernet to reasonable level.


  • PC driver with API for application development
  • Optional open ASCII protocol on Ethernet side
  • Multiple simultaneous connections in bridge and gateway mode
  • Optional configurable transmission filters applied on CAN messages
  • Optional configurable CAN message for active error reporting

Read more at: http://www.systec-electronic.com/en/products/industrial-communication/interfaces-and-gateways/can-ethernet-gateway-v2