ACU and BCU user-programmable control units controller

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ACU- and BCU-units are control devices for vehicles and mobile working machines of the municipal, construction and agricultural technology as well as for commercial vehicle superstructures. Usable as central device or intelligent node in networked control systems as well as as compact control system or accessory equipment with proportional valves.


  • Flexible, powerful, cost-effective, reliable
  • Lower constructed space due to the compact construction
  • Outdoor mounting possible
  • Ideal integration because of central connector
  • 100 % compatible with vehicle signals
  • High safety due to the separate voltage supply

Typical technical features

  • Supply voltage electronic 12/24 VDC
  • Supply voltage for the outputs 12/24  VDC
  • Self restore fuse
  • Load-dump-protected
  • Applicable for vehicle power
  • Voltage intern controlled
  • IP67 with pressurisation (Goretex)
  • Bolt flange or mounting adapter
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • −40 °C to +85 °C
  • CAN network, data communication at operating download, parameterization
  • In practice proved impassivity to interference (EMC)

BCU-10 and BCU-11

Especially suitable for controlling complex hydraulic manifolds and mobile control blocks. BCU-11 is additional especially suitable as central device in decentral control systems. Extensive diagnostic function and integrated clamp system for valve magnets available.

  • Up to 14 analog inputs
  • Up to 47 digital inputs
  • Up to 4 counter
  • Up to 8 × 2 PWM for proportional valves
  • Up to 24 power digital out
  • Also available as CANopen unit


Especially qualified for mounting middle sized compact control systems or usable as intelligent i/o-node in CAN network systems.

  • Up to 5 analog inputs
  • Up to 21 digital inputs
  • Up to 4 counter
  • Up to 6 × 2 PWM for proportional valves
  • Up to 12 power digital out

ACU-06 and ACU-07

Especially qualified for mounting small compact control systems or usable as intelligent low-cost I/O-node in CAN-network systems.

  • Up to 8 analog in
  • Up to 15 digital inputs
  • Up to 3 counter
  • Up to 2 × 2 PWM for proportional valves
  • Up to 10 power digital out