Family of CAN interface modules

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CAN for PCI, PCI-Express, USB, CompactPCI, CompactPCIserial, PCI-104, PMC, XMC, Ethernet and Wireless

The modules are available with up to four independent electrically isolated CAN interfaces designed according to ISO11898-2. The boards of the CAN-402 series are equipped with the powerful esd Advanced CAN IP-Core (ACC) and provide the new ISO-CAN-FD communication as well. CAN data is stored in the local memory with a guaranteed data security and consistency for all CAN channels simultaneously and with a high resolution 64 bit time stamp.

OSI-level2 drivers are available for Windows (32 and 64 bit), RTX and RTX64, Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, RMOS, Solaris and many others.

Extract of our CAN interfaces

  • PCI: Can-PCI/402, CAN-PCI/331, CAN-PCI/266, CAN-PCI/200
  • PCI Express: CAN-PCIe/402, CAN-PCIe/402-FD, CAN-PCIeMini/402-2 (-FD), CAN-PCIe/200
  • CompactPCI classic: CPCI-CAN/402, CPCI-CAN/402-4, CPCI-CAN/200
  • CompactPCI serial: CPCIs-CAN/402, CPCIs-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • PMC: PMC-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • XMC: XMC-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • PC-104: CAN-PCI104/200
  • USB: CAN-USB/400, CAN-USB/2, CAN-USB/micro
  • Ethernet: EtherCAN/2
  • Wireless: CAN-AIR/2 (wireless ISM-band 2.4 GHz)
  • Others: AMC-CAN/400 (µTCA), VME-CAN4