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Commonly used security methods for authentication and encryption/decryption on the Internet cannot be easily applied to CAN/CANopen. ESAcademy’s solution is CANcrypt, an ingenious combination of scalable security features for CAN.

The CANcrypt security framework supports

  • Selectable levels of CAN security
  • Selectable and customizable cipher algorithms
  • Key hierarchy and management
  • Secret key generation and transfer
  • Highly dynamic keys and one-time pads
  • Secure messaging
  • Easy code integration

For more details see the website: www.CANcrypt.eu.

Get CANcrypt

The in-depth description of CANcrypt is available as book: “Implementing scalable CAN security with CANcrypt, Authentication and encryption for CANopen, J1939 and other Controller Area Network or CAN FD protocols”. The book is available in two editions:

Paperback, Limited Software Version

ISBN 978-0-9987454-0-4
Black and white paperback edition. The demo software matching the examples in the book is available for download. The software license of this software is limited to educational and evaluation purposes.
The book is available via Amazon in US, UK, EU.

Hardcover, Commercial Software Version

ISBN 978-0-9987454-1-1
Full color hardcover edition including a different, commercial CANcrypt software version delivered using a coupon code. The software license covers prototyping and an initial pilot production run of up to 500 devices.
Available in our online store at www.esacademystore.eu/CANcrypt-Commercial/en.