CANtouch - Intensive fieldbus diagnostic for CAN

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CANtouch is a battery-operated handheld diagnostic device for physical and logical CAN analysis. The mobile measuring device further develops CAN-Bus Tester 2 and is equipped with a touch display. The device’s intuitive touch-control user interface allows taking extensive measurements in a short time without an additional computer. A straightforward valuation procedure with traffic light colors and smileys enables a quick valuation of the measures. The results can be archived for documentation or later analysis and further processed on a PC.

The extended physical layer measurements directly determine potential differences between the CAN nodes (common mode/ground shift). With the Online Trigger, you can monitor the network for individual physical limits, determine problems over time, and make errors visible in an oscillogram. The protocol monitor is used for sending, receiving, decoding, and recording messages.

The CANtouch supports physical layer measurements in CAN networks running diverse higher-layer protocols such as CANopen, DeviceNet, and J1939. You can also use it for measurements in other CAN-based networks such as Isobus, NMEA 2000, Safetybus P, Energybus, CANaerospace, and Arinc 825. Possible systems also include MilCAN and CANopen Lift.

For further enhancements, there is a possibility of future updates. You can unlock new functionality by purchasing additional licenses. Updated software is within the scope of product maintenance and can be downloaded free of charge by every owner of a CANtouch.

The integrated battery can power the device for a whole intense measurement day. A charge controller monitors the battery and calculates the remaining time and residual charge. The device charges up to 80 % in one hour, independent of measuring activity. The rubberized aluminum continuous casting body is of high quality and is highly robust.

Rating system

The rating system shows at a glance whether your values are good or bad. With a smiley in traffic-light colors red, yellow, and green, you gather rapidly how your system is doing today. By clicking on the smiley, it shows the basis of the valuation.

Via an XML file, you can set individual threshold values for the evaluation. The appropriate rating file loads after a one-time setup within the project setup.

Possible physical measurements

  • CAN power supply voltage (with time curve)
  • Shield voltage (with time curve)
  • Common mode voltage (with chart)
  • CAN level difference
  • CAN level absolute
  • Bus wiring

Additional measurements for every node

  • General quality level (with min/max evaluation)
  • Edge steepness
  • Disturbance-free voltage range
  • Oscillogram display of the messages
  • Logical decoding oscilloscope

Protocol analysis

  • Bus status (with time curve of bus traffic load)
  • Bus errors (active and passive error frames with min/max and time curve)
  • List of nodes
  • Protocol monitor
    • Send and receive messages
    • Symbolic decoding with individual display
    • Trace for later analysis

Intensive Fieldbus Diagnostic (IFD) with Gemac’s CANtouch helps engineers and technicians to develop a more stable CAN network in the concept phase. Through qualified acceptance testing and regular measurements throughout the life cycle, your machines and systems will meet the highest availability, safety, and long-term stability requirements.


  • Battery-operated, touch display, optional service case, and adapter set
  • License model for an individual range of functions
  • Automatic quick test
  • Bus Status, Bus Error, Bus Voltages
  • Common Mode Voltage, CAN Level Difference, CAN Level Absolute with level ratio
  • Bus Wiring tests for shorts, breaks, total line length, termination resistors, and loop resistance
  • Node Measurement with quality level, reflections, edges, disturbance-free voltage range, 2-channel oscilloscope with colorful decoding, and physical display
  • Online Trigger for troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Smileys in traffic-light colors to quickly judge measurements against pre-defined or user-defined thresholds
  • Archive of measurements and screenshots for a dedicated project
  • Project management for managing different machines and segments with project-related settings, thresholds, and background picture