esd electronics Family of CAN Modules

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CAN interfaces (classical and FD) for PCI, PCI-Express, PCI-Express Mini, M.2, USB, CompactPCI, PC/PCI104 , PMC/XMC and Ethernet

The modules are available with up to four independent electrically isolated CAN interfaces designed according to ISO11898. The intelligent boards are equipped with powerful microcontrollers. CAN data is stored in the local memory with a guaranteed data security and consistency of up to 1 Mbit/s for all channels simultaneously. Among many other features the bit rate can be set by software.
CAN/ CANopen drivers are available for Windows (32 and 64 bit), RTX, Linux, VxWorks, QNX and others. For these operating systems there are also OSI-level2 drivers available. Comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring tools are included in scope of delivery.

Extract of our CAN interfaces:

  • PCI: Can-PCI/402, CAN-PCI/331, CAN-PCI/266, CAN-PCI/200
  • PCI Express: CAN-PCIe/402, CAN-PCIe/402-FD, CAN-PCIeMini/402-2 (-FD), CAN-PCIe/200
  • M.2: CAN-M.2/402-FD
  • CompactPCI classic: CPCI-CAN/402-4-FD, CPCI-CAN/200
  • CompactPCI serial: CPCIs-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • PMC: PMC-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • XMC: XMC-CAN/402-4 (-FD)
  • PCI-104: CAN-PCI104/200
  • USB: CAN-USB/400, CAN-USB/3-FD, CAN-USB/2, CAN-USB/micro
  • Ethernet: EtherCAN/2
  • Others: AMC-CAN/400 (µTCA), VME-CAN4

For more information about esd electronics products, please visit our website: https://esd.eu/en/products/can-interfaces.

CAN Gateways and Bridges for linking Industrial Bus Systems

The portfolio of esd electronics gateway familiy comprises the linking of CAN and CANopen to industrial field bus systems such as PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET and EtherCAT.

All CAN- / CANopen Gateways to PROFIBUS respectively PROFINET have in common that they do not need external configuration by the user. The complete configuration and setup is executed by means of the PLC's application program. Thus, the exchange of a gateway in the field is a very simple task. Additional external tools or resources are not necessary in the field.

Bridge Function

Bridge functions for data exchange between two independent CAN segments - wireless as well.

For more information about CAN gateways and bridges, please visit our website: https://esd.eu/en/products/gateways-and-bridges.

Compact CAN I/O Devices

The CAN-CBX module series with InRailBus provides industry compatible CANopen modules in combination with service-friendly ‘wiring’ of CAN bus and supply voltage. The power supply and the CAN bus signals can be applied via the InRailBus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp connection. From the InRailBus individual modules can be removed without interrupting the network signals.

CAN Interface

The CAN interface is designed according to ISO11898-2 with electrical isolation and bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The CANopen-node number and the CAN-bit rate can be easily set via coding switches.

LED Display

LEDs show the I/O-channel state and the CANopen node state.

Software Support

The modules come with CANopen firmware according to CiA 301 and with a CANopen I/O-profile according to CiA 4xx.

For more information about CAN IO modules, please visit our website: https://esd.eu/en/products/can-cbx-series-features.