Bidirectional DC/DC converters

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With a wide range of voltage levels in both sides, the EPCs (Epic Power converters) are capable to manage power in both directions.

As a typical application, the low side voltage can be connected to batteries or ultracapacitors to feed a variable frequency drive (VVVF) through a DC link. This allows the system to continue operation in case of mains supply lack and is suitable for off-grid applications without three-phase mains, or, for example, in automatic warehouses, when the platforms are moving off-grid.

  • High efficiency, achieved with silicon carbide transistor technology
  • Power scalable
  • Works with supercapacitors
  • MPPT (maximum power point tracking)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Maintains the DC link voltage in the absence of main supply
  • Soft pre-charge of the DC link. Suitable to switch on/off the drive as many times as required in order to save energy and life expectance
  • Automatic change of power flow to stabilize either input or output voltage without stopping voltage regulation
  • Battery SOC (state of charge) and SOH (state of health) estimator
  • CAN communication available to implement voltage or current control and transmit relevant measurements of operation parameters (voltage, power, current, temperatures, etc.)
  • Customized versions available upon request

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