CAN keypads and CAN I/O 5 module from Miunske

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CAN keypads

The CAN switching and display units from Miunske give drivers and operators safety in their harsh everyday work. They meet the highest demands on ergonomics, usability, comprehensibility, and design. With their robust design suitable for night-use and individual design possibilities, our CAN keypads set standards in modern commercial vehicles.


  • Keys are parametrizable in different fixed states, or controllable via CAN messages (color, brightness, and flashing)
  • Absolute color fidelity during dimming, even at the lowest brightness settings
  • Bar graph LEDs assignable to 60 different positions and providing individually selectable colors
  • Connection for external encoders to operate the CAN-based function parameters
  • Two digital inputs to control the locator lighting, to adjust the bus sleep mode, or to use as a digital input
  • Parametrizable flashing frequency with customizable flashing harmony (range: 0,2 Hz to 50 Hz)
  • CAN bit-rates from 20 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s, adaptable to existing CAN systems
  • CAN messages are bitwise parametrizable in a graphical symbol editor to display the entire network communication
  • Build your own graphical user interface for your device within minutes using the handy FlexGUI (graphical user interface) freely delivered as part of the Miunske toolchain
  • Developer-defined control of the internal flash memory via CAN, used e.g. for storage of redundant data or machine parameters
  • Cyclic sending of a configurable CAN message with a fixed value for function monitoring and self-diagnosis (heartbeat)
  • Timeout control (RX) through time monitoring of received messages
  • Cyclic supply voltage monitoring: Signaling if voltage drops below a minimum threshold and/or if the keypad is shut off
  • Keypad front-side protected in compliance with IP67 class

For more information about CAN keypads, please visit our website: https://www.miunske.com/en/product-catalogue/operating-and-control-devices/miunske-can-bus-control-and-display-units.

CAN I/O 5 module

The I/O 5 module provides 12 inputs and outputs for a comprehensive range of application options. Optionally, the 12 outputs can be separated into six high-side and six low-side outputs. Up to six outputs are galvanically decoupled from the supply voltage, thus enabling control of safety-relevant consumers with separate power supplies.

Parallel to the module’s electronics, Miunske developed a universal housing that is equipped with a multi-version mounting system.

The housing is available with the following mounting options:

  • With metal or plastic brackets
  • Mounting option on EN 50022 top-hat rail
  • Clip-on option to existing housings
  • With different levels of insertion for printed circuit boards

Furthermore, the latching of mini-relay sockets and/or fuse holders is possible. The housing cover can be realized by a separate screw-on front panel (IP53) or in potting technique (IP67).

For more information about CAN modules, please visit our website: https://www.miunske.com/en/product-catalogue/electronics/can-bus-communication-technology/can-bus-communication-modules.

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