Vector J1939 protocol stack

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The CANbedded J1939 extension is a family of software components that is custom-tailored to the special requirements of J1939-based applications. The extensions provide functionalities for basic communication as required in commercial vehicle applications. Based on the CAN protocol, they allow the exchange of information between ECUs. The CANbedded product information contains additional information that describes the properties in detail. The Vector CANbedded software components consist of several configurable components that are available as source code.

Features and advantages of CANbedded J1939

Vector's embedded software components provide features that are indispensable for ECUs in J1939 applications. They represent Vector's experience in the area of embedded software and CAN communication:

  • Standard components that are based on generic code are scalable for application-specific requirements
  • Clear system designs thanks to separation of the application and communication software
  • Hardware-independent, since they are available for many different micro-controllers
  • Low ROM and RAM requirements
  • Run-time efficiency
  • Automatic generation of parameter settings and configurations
  • Easy integration into the user software
  • Compatibility with Vector products, including the analysis, simulation, and calibration tools

The CAN software components are configured and programmed with the software tool GENy. This enables standardized components that are independent of the specific functionality of the target node.

AUTOSAR and J1939

AUTOSAR was designed for the automotive industry but is also used in heavy commercial vehicles. Vector offers an implementation of J1939 transport protocols as extension of the product MICROSAR CAN. For more information please visit http://www.vector.com/vi_microsar_en.html and get in contact with Vector.

Application areas

  • Control units for automobiles and commercial vehicles
  • FMS (fleet management system)
  • Components for other bus systems are also available from Vector

Additional services

Vector offers the following project work for J1939 embedded software:

  • Adjustment of the CANbedded software components on further target platforms
  • Extension of the J1939 embedded software for ISOBUS and NMEA 2000
  • Extension of the standard components with customer required functions
  • Flash programming

For more information about perfectly-attuned software tools, custom-tailored embedded software components, network interfaces, implementation services and trainings, please refer to Vector's homepage: www.vector.com/vi_j1939_solutions_en.html