CANoe.J1939 simulation tool

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Features and advantages

Using CANoe.J1939 from the very beginning allows the developer to use the same tool through the entire development process, from planning to realization. The models created in the design phase and checked by simulation are continually reused in other forms. It is possible to use the models to verify the implementation and later for functional end-of-line testing. It is not necessary for the user to become familiar with the J1939 protocol, instead concentrate on the actual task of creating a simulation or data analysis. This significantly increases the quality of the development process and the efficiency of data analysis. CANoe is the ideal test environment as well for the complete system as for efficient and automated ECU testing, modules testing, and integration tests.


CANoe.J1939 expands the standard functionality of CANoe with:

  • Support of the transport protocols BAM, CMDT and Fast Packet (NMEA 2000®)
  • Graphic display of the network nodes (scanner)
  • Protocol-specific display, checks, interpretation, filters and search functions in the trace window
  • J1939 filter in the measurement setup
  • Rapid simulation of ECUs
  • Expanded database
  • Diagnostic trouble code monitor (DTC monitor)
  • OBD inspection and maintenance monitor
  • Diagnostic memory window
  • The J1939 XML test module manager
  • GNSS simulator and GNSS monitor

Application areas

Because of its simulation capabilities CANoe.J1939 is well-suited to the development, design and verification of J1939 networks. Its practical application as a diagnostic and debugging tool is just as feasible as its use in simulating the rest of the bus during startup or assembly. Since the SAE J1939 specification is the basis for other networks such as NMEA 2000, ISO 11783, ISO 11992, and FMS (fleet management system), CANoe.J1939 can be used in those applications as well.
When used in parallel with the J1939 and CANopen options, CANoe is the ideal development and test environment for the CiA 413 CANopen interface profiles for truck gateways. In combination with the J1587 option it offers a uniform approach to systems that extend across bus boundaries with a common time base.

For more information about perfectly-attuned software tools, custom-tailored embedded software components, network interfaces, implementation services and trainings, please refer to Vector's homepage: www.vector.com/vi_j1939_solutions_en.html