TCG data modules

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The TCG product series from Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) comprises on-board computers which are compatible both within their respective generation and between generations. The compatibility extends to the form, the fit and the function, taking the software in particular into consideration. Our Form Fit Function strategy provides maximum investment security and guarantees future-proof operation through adaptation of the latest technologies.

Developed for use in adverse conditions, the products display their strengths in their openness flexibility and the available software. The operating system on which these products are based is Linux. A freely-available development environment, a wide diversity of tools and libraries, a large user community as well as access to the comprehensive STW software packages and examples are just some of the advantages.

Building on the Telematics Application Framework (TAF) right up to Cloud connectors, we offer a range of equipment which provides the right concept for every user. On the machine, the wired Ethernet and CAN interfaces facilitate the exchange of data with control units, displays and sensors. M2M networks ensure communications with other machines via WiFi or Bluetooth. The direct interface to the user is realized through USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. Access to the Internet, and therefore even to dedicated servers or Cloud solutions (IoT) is also provided via WiFi or a mobile phone connection (2G, 3G, 4G).