Sendix M3668/88 multiturn encoders

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Energy harvesting technology: Electronic multiturn encoders

The Sendix M36 with energy harvesting technology is an electronic multiturn encoder in a compact design, without gear and without battery. It is characterized by robustness, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Technical data:

Dimension Ø 36 mm
Shaft type 6 mm shaft, with flat surface
8 mm shaft, with flat surface
10 mm shaft, with flat surface
6,4-mm shaft, with flat surface
Flange type Ø 36 mm
Working temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection level IP65
Connection types Axial cable
Radial cable
M12 connector axial
M12 connector radial
Max. rotational speed 6000 1/min
Weight 200 g
Scanning magnetic
Resolution max. 14 bits singleturn
29 bits multiturn
Supply voltage 10 VDC to 30 VDC
Interfaces SAE J1939