Off-highway distance radar R600V.DAH5-11205779 – designed for reliability

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Radar sensor technology is quickly penetrating the off-highway machinery market due to its robust, non-contact measurement and measurement speed. Baumer’s off-highway radar sensors, designed for reliability, improve end customer uptime and productivity. The proven Baumer radar design and full industry compliance reduces R&D cost and time to market.


  • 122-GHz band usable in major agricultural markets
  • Baumer radar signal processing delivers superior measurement speed and accuracy
  • Heavy-duty connector, lens protection, rectangular flat backside mounting
  • Tested according to the highest off-highway industry standards
  • Robust against environmental influences such as wind, temperature, humidity
  • High-pressure wash from all sides

CAN-related features

  • Supports SAE J1939 higher-layer protocol
  • Arbitrary address claim, commanded address supported
  • Parameterization of sensor with direct memory access:
    • Measurement settings such as detection range, sensitivity, output filter settings, and
    • CAN settings such as transmit period, bit rate, address range